Standard Features:

  • Heavy duty handle

  • Folding handle

  • Sash keepers

  • Full screen with overlapping frame and sprung loaded

  • High efficiency Low E Argon thermal glass

Awning windows are a type of casement window that opens from the bottom. The hinges that attach the window to the house run along the top of the frame allowing the window to be pushed out from the bottom for opening. When looking for awning windows Vaughan residents are comprehensively serviced, from sales to installation, by Comfort Windows & Doors.

Flexible Placement
Awning windows can be installed in a large number of different places throughout the home. Their bottom opening design makes them ideal for placement higher up on the walls than many other types of windows. They can be placed over furniture or in other hard to get to places while still allowing ease of access for opening and closing.

Because of their outward opening orientation, awning windows are ideal for quick and easy ventilation of the room in which they’re installed. The ability of awning windows to be placed high up on the walls increases the amount of ventilation they allow. Due to their top hinges and bottom outward opening style, awning windows can also be opened in the rain without any threat of water getting inside.

Awning windows are great for bathrooms and bedrooms because they can be placed high on the wall and still be easily opened. This allows for greater privacy while still being completely functional. Adding opaque glass to the frame means that the window can be opened for
ventilation without worrying about anyone seeing inside.

Awning windows placed high up on the wall naturally allow large amounts of sunlight to enter a room. This also allows you to maximize the amount of available wall space in the room. By combining a series of awning windows it’s possible to increase a room’s brightness in a way that would be more difficult with other styles of windows.

Moisture Protection
Awning windows feature a tight seal between the window sash and frame which protects rooms from outdoor moisture. They can still be opened even if it’s raining outside without any risk of water getting into the house.

The tight seal formed when an awning window is closed makes for a great insulator. Whether you’re worried about energy efficiency, cold air or noise, awning windows are virtually airtight once closed.

Design Options
Awning windows can be upgraded with a wide array of options which include high performance glazing, insect screens, decorative opportunities and customized configurations. You can easily match awning windows with the decor of the rest of your house to create a seamless, natural look in any situation.

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High quality windows, doing a great job to keep the cold out. They operate quite smoothly and pop out easy to clean them. Windows installed in one day. The installers were very courteous and friendly. Respectful of our home and ensured everything was cleaned and back together after the job was done. Very happy with the windows and work done, will be recommending Comfort Windows & Doors to friends.

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