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A Windows and Doors Company Unionville with The Highest Standards

Comfort Windows & Doors is a windows and doors company Unionville that prides itself on having the highest standards. For example, we never stop pursuing the highest levels of customer service. This starts from the first time you call us for a quote. It doesn’t end until the installation is complete and you are 100% satisfied.

Check out the warranty that we have. It covers both the installation and product. It’s comprehensive and one of the most sought-after. In fact, it’s unparalleled. Most other independent installers and window companies don’t come close.

Skilled Motivated Technicians

We are a Unionville windows and doors company that has skilled motivated technicians on staff. Our technicians are all bonded and certified. Everyone who works for us is WSIB certified. That means that you get peace of mind on every window and door installation project.

It’s all part of the highest standards in the industry that we have for you.

Custom Windows Unionville

Comfort Windows & Doors has the best when it comes to Unionville vinyl windows. We always strive to get the very best for our clientele and that’s why we carry the Prima Series. These come with the standard features that you’ve come to expect from high-end fiberglass windows.

Multipoint locking hardware is just one of the features that separates these from the competition. You’ll also get folding handles and sash keepers. Low E argon thermal glass is standard. Choose from either awning, casement windows or a host of others. Our products are great for airing a room out or letting the sun in.

Different Choices

We have a variety of different choices. Remember, anything you choose is covered by our Unionville window installation team. These skilled professionals are dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction.

Pro Hardware Solutions

Take a few minutes to look over the optional pro hardware solutions too. These are designed and engineered for high levels of security as well as flexibility and smooth operation. Our custom windows in Unionville options include a variety of colours. There are even a variety of frost and tint options for you to look at.

Lots of Doors Company Unionville Choices!

Comfort Windows & Doors has a variety of steel entry doors in Unionville. These are an excellent modern addition to your commercial or residential property. Download the designs from our website.

If you’re looking for a simpler solution, try the selection of fiberglass doors in Unionville we have available. The porch enclosures in our inventory are specifically designed for the Canadian climate. Everything we carry is manufactured to high quality standards and our door installation services are complete and professional.

Our Home Owners Say

“Have used Comfort Windows on two different projects. Julian was very knowledgable and did everything we discussed.”
“We moved into a 15 year old home and found that the Bay Window was leaking. We called a number of companies to give use a quote. We felt most comfortable with Comfort Windows so we went with them. They replaced the entire window on time. Thank you Comfort Windows.”