Standard Features:

  • Internal drainage system

  • High efficiency Low E Argon thermal glass

Picture windows are large, dual panes of glass that serve as the centrepiece of the room they’re installed in. Completely sealed and unopenable, picture windows are designed to allow the maximum amount of light to enter your home while providing a large picture frame around the view outside of your house. For those in need of picture windows, Vaughan features one of the top window retailers in the region: Comfort Windows & Doors. For more information regarding picture windows, get in touch with the helpful team at Comfort Windows & Doors or look through the notes provided here.

A Great View
Picture windows are appropriately named for their ability to enhance the view outside of your home. The large, fixed panes are not created for ventilation, but rather to maximize the sightlines leading from the inside of the room to the outdoors. Most often the centrepoint of the
room they inhabit, picture windows are usually set in the middle of the main outer wall. There’s also the possibility of installing additional smaller windows along the sides or above the picture window. If you have an extraordinary panorama outside your home, a picture window is probably the best way to emphasize it.

Brightened Home
Not only do picture windows enhance the view outside of the house, they’re also designed to allow the most light into the house as possible. Picture windows are ideal for brightening up a room and allowing natural sunlight to improve the lighting and illumination during the daylight hours. Picture windows can be used to take maximum advantage of the arc of the sun no matter the orientation of the room.

Picture windows are versatile in that they are perfectly sufficient when allowed to dominate a room on their own, but they can also work very well as part of a larger configuration with one or more other smaller windows. By combining the picture window with other windows it’s possible to broaden the view of the outdoors, add more natural light to the room and allow the room to appear larger.

Picture windows come in a wide variety of sizes making them appropriate for virtually any room in the house. The appropriate size really depends on personal preference and the layout of the room in which the window is being installed. Picture windows can be bought off the shelf in standard sizes, or be custom made to allow for a perfect fit wherever necessary.

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Comfort Windows is amazing. First I did my front door with them and they did a fantastic job so I called them back to do all my windows. I love supporting Canadian companies as well so it was a win-win situation for me. The installers were very professional and knowledgeable, they took their time on my project to make sure it was done to my satisfaction. I also want to thank Julian who went out of his way to make my experience a memorable one. Julian understood my situation and worked with me through everything. He solved problems that arose at the very last minute with such grace. Julian is the best salesman that I have worked. I would highly recommend Comfort Windows and Doors to anyone who is in the market for new windows and doors

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